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8% Discount for W.U / 2011-08-14


Recently, increasing customers have selected the Western Union payment, we greatly appreciate your trust in Western union payment is very easy and quick, but the customers need to pay some procedure fees. From now on, those customers who select the Western Union payment will get extra 8% discount.

Western Union information:
Name of recipient: Shiling Li(the first name: Shiling the last name: Li). City and country where the money collected is: shanghai, China postal code:200010  Address of the recipient:279 Renmin Road, Shanghai,200010,China

After you complete the  your payment, pls fill out the information as follows:

Payment Amount:

Sender´s name:

MTCN code( Money Transfer Control Number):

When you place your order and select the western union, our system will deduct the extra 8% discount from your order automatically when you submit your order. for example:
When you complete the payment,pls send the payment MTCN Code, Sender name and amount  to payment@lovelywholesale.comthx.
After all, really appreciate every customer's trust. Thanks very much 
How to Send Money from an Agent Location
It is simple to send money in person. Just go to any of our convenient Agent locations worldwide - we’re probably right around the corner. 

Agent locations may be in banks, travel agencies, post offices, airports, currency exchange offices, supermarkets, grocery stores, and check cashers.
STEP 1: Complete the Form
Fill out the required form. Then, simply show the Agent clerk your identification card.

STEP 2: Present Payment
Give the Agent clerk the form, cash and sign the receipt.

STEP 3: Get the Receipt
Your receipt will have the MTCN (Money Transfer Control Number) that will allow you to track the status of your money transfer online.
More information about Western Union, please go to to confirm. Thanks

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