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Points policy

What are points?

What is the Lovely Point?

Lovely Points are Points to use as money at Everyone with lovely account would have lovely points, and exchange for money when shopping at

100 Points = 5USD at


How to Earn Points?

For every LovelyWholesaler, you will easily earn points with the following approach:


Approach NO.1:

Signing up for LovelyWholesale will get you points!

Simply registering an account at, and you will get 20 points.


Approach NO.2:

Sharing LovelyWholesale products on social networks to gain points!

1. Share any LovelyWholesale products on social networks or forums, and copy the link.

2. Sign into your LovelyWholesale account, and find “My Share”.

3. Click “Add Share”, paste the link url, and then submit.

4. Our staff will look over and approve if your link is effective. When approved, 10 bonus points for each url will be added to your account.



1. Social networks would be: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, VK, Google Plus, and etc

2. Please share products on different networks and within 24 hours you can share only 1 link on the same platforms.

3. For each URL, 10 bonus points will be rewarded.


Approach NO.3:

Reviewing LovelyWholesale products and earn Points!

1. Sign into your LovelyWholesale account.

2. Choose any LovelyWholesale products, and write reviews. Each review could achieve 10 Points.


Approach NO.4:

Shopping at LovelyWholesale to receive Points!

This is simply the most effective and easy way to get LovelyWholesale Points. As long as you buy products at, bonus points will be added to your account automatically after you receive your order. 1 USD spent could add 1 Lovely Point to your account, as like $100 spent = 100 Points be added to your account! (Shipping fees is excluded)


How can I redeem my Lovely Points?

As long as you have enough bonus points, you will be eligible to redeem them when you make purchase. Simply enter the points you want to redeem in your shopping cart, and you'll be able to save money!

Conversion rate: 20 points=1 USD


Where can I check my point status?

Log into your account and you will see your point status.

Points usage: 

 What is points?



How to use points?



1. Login "My Account" (on the top right of our webpage)

2. Then you will enter the user center.



3. After you submit your order, you will enter this page:

Click button besides Use the Integral to use the points


The points can deduct the stuff value directly (shipping fees is not included)

 NoteThe system will use the points in your account in default on mobile.

There are some situation that we will issue you partial refund or credit the balance to you, such as out-of-stock items, cancellation and so on, it makes your actual consumption amount less than original order amount, then we need deduct the equal points off your account. If there is no enough points under your account, we will converts points to dollars and deduct it from your credit or blance. Hope you understand.($1=20 points)



Any question, please contact us via live chat or submitting a ticket.. 

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