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The items less than i bought

Sorry for this inconvenience , about this problem, you can contact us via tickets and tell us details , we will help you check the problem...

Out of stock ?

The stock changes frequently with the increasing orders, so maybe some item are not available after you finish the payment. On this situation, we will contact you within 24 hours and let you decide wh...

Return policy

Problem with the products received:Faulty products can be returned to us if they have the following types of quality defects: stains, zipper malfunction, ripped or torn, poor quality materials, obviou...

How to return/exchange my items If I don’t like it ?

You should submit a ticket and describle the details of your problem, then we will give you return shipping address. ...

How to refund the balance to my paypal or credit card ?

You should submit a tickets and give your your account email and how much you want refund to your paypal or credit card .we will refund you in 24 hours.  ...

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